Through cutting-edge research and automation work, we are building unique tools to streamline the rigging process and create a better experience for technical artists and animators.

The Rigs of Color Project is more than just a collection of characters - it's an effort to make our jobs as artists, riggers, and animators easier​

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Auto-Rigging Tool

Developers: Paloma González Gálvez, Sophia B Marcus, Patrick Luck, Terry Deng
Meet the rest of the awesome tech and art teams at Rigs of Color

What makes RoC special? A customized an auto rigger (FAME) and other tools to support the creation of numerous 3D models.

Our tech team researched various rigging techniques, and even developed new systems to make a user-friendly rig. Many models use standard auto riggers that bring nothing new to the table, not to mention how some of the rigs aren’t game engine friendly, and others have wonky deformations.

Our standard rigs come with squash and stretch limbs, an improved ribbon system (the Gummy ribbon), are motion capture friendly, auto orienting pole vectors, full face controls and IK/FK fingers. That’s not all, Fame allows the rigs to have automatic clavicles, a single slider ball roll, clean deformations, and scalable joint chains (R&D).

Our premium models (rigged with FAME) include:
• Dynamic parenting for pole vectors
Automatic twisting knee (pole vectors stay oriented to the feet)
3 axis non- flipping Auto hips
Soft constraints to prevent knee popping
Automatic ball rolls
Vector based ball roll
Dynamic joints with on/off switch
Jiggle joints (R&D)
Dual pivot Center of gravity (R&D)
And more to come! Beyond just an auto-rigger, our team has put together asset trackers, a customizable picker, and various other production tools we plan to release to the public.

Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo

Full Technical Breakdown:


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