Rigs of Color is an ongoing research and development project. All of our artists and developers are compensated for their work, and we rely on the support of community members like you to maintain our ongoing work, and to allow us to make some of our characters freely available.

Donate through WPI
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Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit institution for higher education. Gifts of cash are deductible for federal income tax purposes up to 60 percent of adjusted gross income with a five-year carry-over provision available, if needed.

To Donate to the Rigs of Color project at WPI:

1. Visit the link below

2. [ Important! ] under designation, select "Other" and enter the following in the box:
"IMGD Program - Rigs of Color Project"

3. Fill in payment details and submit. Make sure to take a screenshot of the confirmation page for your records.

We are also able to accept donations via cash, check, wire transfer, or pay by phone. Please contact us for more information, and we'll be happy to assist you in donating however is most convenient for you

Support via Patreon
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